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Camp Gan Israel info
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Camp Location


The camp site is located in scenic Danish countryside, about 60 Km from Copenhagen. 

The camp site is a scouts site, close to a lake out in beautiful nature. The facilities include sleeping quarters, a modern kitchen and dining room, sports equipment, pleasant playing areas (both indoor and outdoor), spacious grounds, a small lake and a gymnasium.


Dates and Fees

Camp runs from Wednesday, 24th july until Wednesday the 31st of july, 2024.

The camp fee is 350 euro. Scholarships are available. 

Camp Schedule

Camp aims to expose the children to the widest range of activities, trips and educational programs which will make for an enjoyable and exciting time.

The program is especially designed to promote personal skills, E.G. sportsmanship and leadership qualities.

The Camp schedule includes a mix of sports and athletics, drama, field trips, hiking, crafts and exciting extra curricular activities, imbued with the flavor of Judaism come alive, assuring your child an unforgettable experience.


On Shabbat the camp will have a special alternative program, highlighting the beauty and joy of Shabbat, whilst at the same time enjoying many fun activities.

Our kitchen staff will provide nutritional and healthy meals and snacks.


Staff and Safety

Rabbi Yitzi and Rochel Loewenthal will be in Camp as the Camp directors, along with a team of highly dedicated and experienced staff, assuring the physical and emotional well being of your child.


The physical well being of your child is of utmost importance to us. Someone trained in first aid will always be on hand, and a doctor will be on call.

In case of a medical emergency, G-d forbid, parents or guardian will be contacted immediately.


Our kitchen staff will provide nutritional and healthy meals and snacks.


Packing list

The following is a suggested list of clothes and other items that should be brought to camp: Please bear in mind that  there will not be  laundry so send enough clothing to last for the entire camp.


Sports Shirts


Shabbat clothing






Night Clothes




Face towels

Laundry bags




Pillow case

Tooth paste

Face soap



Sleeping bag




Swimming gear 


To prevent loss, please mark clothes and items with name. It can be helpful to to make a list of each item, so your child will find it easier to be sure to take her belongings back with her.


It is not necessary, but you are welcome to send along some pocket money, as it will be possible to buy snacks and the like on trips (100-200 DKK is fine).


 Please do not send expensive and valuable items as they can get lost, break or be stolen. We can not take responsibility for them.

Mobile phone policy


Our phone policy at the camp: we are in favor of the children being participatory and socially active during the camp so we therefore limit the usage of electronic devices. Please inform your daughter that the leaders will keep all telephones, as otherwise they will disturb the other children and the activities. There will be daily phone time after lunch where parents can call on the camp staff phones.

Thank you for your support so that the children can get the optimal experience out of the camp's exciting and fun program.

You can of course always contact us by e-mail or phone Rochel-  28197678, Yitzi - 28737678.


Please send a WhatsApp to +4528197678 to be added to the Ckids Gan Israel whatsapp group, where we will be posting practical information and pictures so you can follow all the fun and excitement happening in camp.

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